Esther’s Story: “This device has improved my posture, created awareness, and increased my overall study time”

“I have been using the Upright device for a few weeks now. I mostly use the device while studying at my desk and during class.

I have found that it helps me stay focused at my desk for longer periods of time.

Knowing there is something monitoring my posture helps to keep me sitting longer because I want to see how long I can keep an upright posture. While studying,  I have found whenever I become frustrated, tired, or when my mind begins to wander I slouch. The UPRIGHT then vibrates and I become aware of these feelings and thoughts, and can quickly correct them.


M.PT Ido Dana: My Experience With UPRIGHT

1959468_900750793302508_2081056548997049551_nWhen I came across UPRIGHT for the first time, I immediately recognized its potential as a biofeedback training device.

While all the traditional advantages of using biofeedback were clear, I also saw the advantage of UPRIGHT being a wearable device, opening a wide range of possibilities that a normal biofeedback device cannot provide.

We began using UPRIGHT, the first wearable biofeedback rehabilitation device, in our practice as a tool to improve posture. We started with patients with pronounced postural disorders such as kyphosis, scoliosis, as well as patients experiencing muscle weakness due to neurovascular diseases such as MS, and patients with walking and balance difficulties due to Parkinson’s. In all of these cases, we believed that patients would substantially benefit from using UPRIGHT.


What do Leo and Turtles have in common?




First of all, a huge CONGRATULATIONS to Leo for finally locking in that statue – it’s been a long time coming and we’ve been rooting for you. Unfortunately, your posture was far from statuesque on that stand.


Do you have turtle posture or power posture?

This question haunts us. Did you know that the way you sit hunched over at your desk has a name? Well it does, and it’s called ‘Turtle Posture’. Thank you Huffington Post for teaching us all why being a turtle sucks, and why upright posture matters. If you’re sitting in an office and are guilty […]

PODCAST: The importance of ergonomics & posture with Dr. Jennifer Horonjeff

Posture and ergonomics are the ‘hot topics’ of discussion in every Human Resources department. With an increasing number of studies coming out linking sitting and bad posture to a range of  health conditions, companies are starting to take note.

According to the American Chiropractic Association, poor posture is the number 1 reason for back pain. With a staggering 80% of the population suffering from back pain, and back pain being the number 1 reason for missed work days – the ‘sedentary threat’ is becoming hard to ignore.

So how do you make the office space safe, healthy, and effective? How do you keep employees happy and healthy, while ensuring their office time is productive?

I spoke with Dr. Jennifer Horonjeff to learn more about just that. Dr. Horonjeff  is an ergonomic consultant to big companies and corporations, and is a researcher in biomechanics and user-centered care.

Hear what she had to say…

(Click play below)


We nominate Brie Larson for ‘Best Posture’ this Oscars

Stars are getting ready for the #Oscars, but Brie Larson has already won the show. This year, it’s all about #GoodPosture and Brie’s got it, BIG TIME. Nothing screams star-quality like a perfect statuesque posture. With her nomination for Best Actress at the Academy Awards for her amazing performance in Room, Larson’s on the  pre-Oscars interview round, […]

Staying Healthy In The Office, For The Sedentary Worker

Do you spend most of your day sitting in the office? So do we. So we created a short infographic to inspire you in all the ways you can set up your office space to make your *sitting* job healthier and better.  

Meet UPRIGHT, Your Personal Posture Trainer


How many times have you finished a long day of work with grueling back-pain?

Well, youre not alone.

80% of us will experience back pain at some point in our lives, and the number one reason for that is poor posture, according to the American Chiropractic Association. The truth is, our bodies were not designed to sit all day and slouch over our computers and smart-phones. In a sedentary instant, slouching became an accepted epidemic.

But it shouldn’t be accepted.

We shouldn’t have to pick between sitting, and sitting right. We can combine the two.


5 reasons to start working on your posture, and one simple way to do it


Is this you?

Unfortunately, this is most of us. We are all slouchers. Truth is, our bodies were not built for continuous hours of sitting, and our heads have not evolved to peer down at smartphones. And so, we have adopted this un-natural kyphosis to accommodate our technological, sedentary lifestyle.

What most people don’t know though is that our posture is actually much more powerful and important than you might realize. Yes, a good posture exudes confidence and control, but the benefits don’t end there…


We’re giving thanks to our mothers this year


Mom’s are always right, right?

Remember all those years that mom would pass by us and yell at us to “sit up straight!” Or all the times she creeped up behind us and pressed her hands on our backs, correcting our posture?

Well, she was right about that too.

And this time, science has her back.


How to burn 350 calories a day while sitting

posture exercises

upright postureWithout taking a single step, you can burn up to 350 calories a day by just sitting upright! Yep, thats right, being upright is possibly the easiest weight loss method. By sitting upright, you activate many of your small abdominal and low back muscles, and give yourself a metabolic boosting advantage. Practicing good posture regularly will build muscle and when you build muscle, you burn calories. That simple. Chiropractor James Emmett explains that you lose weight because you are carrying yourself better; you are “taking tension off the whole body and everything starts to flow better.”

And just as well, sitting upright makes you look taller and slimmer even without burning calories! When you slouch you let your guts hang out and you look heavier than you really are. Being upright forces you to pull everything up and in, and in turn you look thinner. So goes the saying, fake it till you make it!


Posture is trainable, and there’s a trainable for it…

Evolution has made us upright


I want to talk about evolution. Over the course of human history, our famous transition into an upright, bipedal species marks our transition into a human species. Nature has made us upright. So if our bodies were made this way, why is it so damn hard to hold a perfect stature!?

Well, our bodies were not made to live in the sedentary, technological landscape that we have created… We were not made to sit all day, not made to look at a computer screen, and not made to slouch over our smartphones. And so, our bodies have succumbed to a far less optimal slouching state to accommodate our sedentary life. We have accepted this unfortunate transformation and accepted it as a minor blow in order to be functional, sitting members of society. Slouching has become an accepted epidemic…