M.PT Ido Dana: My Experience With UPRIGHT


When I came across UPRIGHT for the first time, I immediately recognized its potential as a biofeedback training device.

While all the traditional advantages of using biofeedback were clear, I also saw the advantage of UPRIGHT being a wearable device, opening a wide range of possibilities that a normal biofeedback device cannot provide.

We began using UPRIGHT, the first wearable biofeedback rehabilitation device, in our practice as a tool to improve posture. We started with patients with pronounced postural disorders such as kyphosis, scoliosis, as well as patients experiencing muscle weakness due to neurovascular diseases such as MS, and patients with walking and balance difficulties due to Parkinson’s. In all of these cases, we believed that patients would substantially benefit from using UPRIGHT.


When the first results started coming in, after around 3 week of UPRIGHT usage, I was simply stunned and shocked by the results. Though I had positive expectations, I could have never imagined that UPRIGHT would be able to create such a dramatic postural change in such a short period of time.


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UPRIGHT allows patients to strengthen their core and back muscles that support the spine on their own. Straps and physio-tape which are often used don’t effectively train the core supportive muscles, but can inadvertently weaken them by creating a dependency.

As a physiotherapist, the benefits of UPRIGHT are irrefutable both for my practice and my patients. When my patients are present in the clinic, we spend a lot of time on exercises that build their core muscles and train their weaker positions. However, most of my patients only seek treatment between 1-2 times a week, depending on their needs.


The use of UPRIGHT is a breakthrough for maximizing and optimizing treatment, as it blends in quality home training aided by accurate technology.

In this way, UPRIGHT acts as a motivator, providing instant feedback to the patient (not only once or twice a week when meeting with their PT.) The UPRIGHT trainer allows them to continue training their posture in their natural environment and instills confidence that their posture is correct and upright even when i’m not there to guide them. It is an essential companion to my therapy methods.

So far with the trials, we’ve noted that ‘compliance’ is much better when using UPRIGHT in combination with a home exercise program, as opposed to simply perform- ing the classic exercise programs alone. When patients train on their own they don’t have real-time positional feedback, but utilizing UPRIGHT they clearly do.

As someone who has used UPRIGHT as a treatment tool, I can say that the potential of UPRIGHT goes far beyond posture training.  

The biofeedback capabilities of the UPRIGHT device allow it to be used to help solve other physiotherapy challenges such as orthopedic rehabilitation of muscle balance, strengthening muscles, balance, and so on.