Health in the Work Place

Personal Quiz Time!

  • At work or at home, do you, on average, sit for less than 2-4 hours a day? (yes or no)
  • While you sit or stand, are your ears in line with your shoulders? (yes or no)
  • While you sit, do you have both feet flat on the floor? (yes or no)


Stop SlouchingIf you answered no to any of the above 3 questions, this article is for you! You may have heard the new phrase, ‘Sitting is the New Smoking’, but the truth is that sitting may actually be worse for you than smoking. Even if you exercise, if you sit for prolonged periods of time, your health is at serious risk. Why? Our bodies are made to move and sitting for more than two hours a day significantly increases your risk of weight gain, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and low back pain. In fact, just after 20 minutes of sitting blood starts to pool in our legs and after 30 minutes of sitting our metabolism slows down by 90%! Scientists have found that two metabolic reactions significantly decline while you sit and suppress your metabolic health. This leads to increased blood fat and blood sugar levels. The good news is that by adding more movement to your day and practicing good posture, you can avoid the negative effects of sitting. Stand up for your health and follow these tips:

Trainables, the personal trainer of wearables.

Trainables are the next development and natural evolution of wearables. So, what is a trainable? A trainable is a wearable that accurately gives real time feedback to maximize behavioral and/or physical change. The evolution of making a change: Awareness, Automation, and Action. In order to explain the evolution of wearables from tracking to training, I will […]

10 Proven Benefits of Good Posture

We’ve all heard it a billion times by now…
Sit up straight! Stop Slouching! We’ve heard it from our kindergarden teachers and we heard it from our mom’s. For the unlucky ones of us, we heard it from our doctors and chiropractors every time we had to miss work for grueling back pain. And now, we hear it from the media. Posture is everywhere. Offices are investing in standing desks and people are investing in ergonomic chairs. We all know maintaining good posture is important, but why?


How to keep moving when you have to stay sitting?

Sitting is bad We know that sitting is bad, very bad. So bad that its been labeled ‘the new smoking.’ Well, if you’re anything like me, you’re probably sitting while reading these new insights, accepting that apparently sitting will be the death of me. I read article after article, blog after blog, explaining to me […]