Posture is trainable, and there’s a trainable for it…

Evolution has made us upright


I want to talk about evolution. Over the course of human history, our famous transition into an upright, bipedal species marks our transition into a human species. Nature has made us upright. So if our bodies were made this way, why is it so damn hard to hold a perfect stature!?

Well, our bodies were not made to live in the sedentary, technological landscape that we have created… We were not made to sit all day, not made to look at a computer screen, and not made to slouch over our smartphones. And so, our bodies have succumbed to a far less optimal slouching state to accommodate our sedentary life. We have accepted this unfortunate transformation and accepted it as a minor blow in order to be functional, sitting members of society. Slouching has become an accepted epidemic…


The good news? Posture is trainable.


We don’t have to surrender to an eternal slouching state. We don’t have to choose between posture and sitting. We can combine the two. Posture is something that can be trained, and all it takes is awareness and basic core strength.

Sitting upright is not a difficult physical activity – in fact, it is very, very easy. Our bodies were made to be upright, so being upright should be a subconscious activity and come as naturally as breathing. Think about a baby sitting. Like I said, not a strenuous physical task…


Technology has brought us down, let’s use technology to get back upright.

This means that it’s not hard to be upright; we just need to be made aware of it. I know what you’re thinking: It’s not realistic to be constantly thinking about our posture. This is where UPRIGHT comes in. We recognized that wearables have the ability to accurately measure our bodies’ movements, and we can use that to give real-time feedback that trains you to fix your posture. So, we developed UpRight as a training device – to be worn for a limited amount of time per day according to a training program. That way, you are training your awareness as well as your core strength in a safe and effective way, so by the end of your training program you will be able to maintain an upright posture even without UpRight.

There is no denying that there is a real posture epidemic happening. The biggest milestone in human evolution is our transformation into an upright species. It is what makes us human. We can now use technology to ensure that we remain upright – as the human body was designed.