Do you have turtle posture or power posture?

This question haunts us.

Did you know that the way you sit hunched over at your desk has a name? Well it does, and it’s called ‘Turtle Posture’. Thank you Huffington Post for teaching us all why being a turtle sucks, and why upright posture matters.

If you’re sitting in an office and are guilty of the symptoms of turtle posture – time to make a change, now. Easier said than done though, eh? We know sitting upright is hard, and truth be told, most people can’t remember to hold an upright posture for more than 5 minutes. The UPRIGHT posture trainer is the perfect wearable companion that trains you to improve your posture. Best part, you only have to wear it between 15mins to an hour a day to get your body into the habit of sitting up straight naturally.

Stop sitting like a turtle, and start boasting a powerful back.