We nominate Brie Larson for ‘Best Posture’ this Oscars

Stars are getting ready for the #Oscars, but Brie Larson has already won the show.

This year, it’s all about #GoodPosture and Brie’s got it, BIG TIME. Nothing screams star-quality like a perfect statuesque posture.

With her nomination for Best Actress at the Academy Awards for her amazing performance in Room, Larson’s on the  pre-Oscars interview round, and we’re on to her secret – perfect posture.

Last week, Larson was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Stunning as usual, she came out and quickly settled herself on the chair. From the second she sat down, her back was completely upright, shoulders back, and head held high. She did not break, she did not slip, she did not slouch. Not once. All I saw was a strong core, abs for days, and a spine made of steel. Sitting upright is NOT EASY. Well done Brie, all that hard work payed off . You’re an role-model for all us sitters.

Brie’s locked in to win the statue, and sitting like a statue, she’s already won over the public.

Get upright people, and unleash the star inside of you.

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