What do Leo and Turtles have in common?




First of all, a huge CONGRATULATIONS to Leo for finally locking in that statue – it’s been a long time coming and we’ve been rooting for you. Unfortunately, your posture was far from statuesque on that stand.


Have you heard of ‘Turtle Posture’? Well if you haven’t, time you do. In case you missed our post about what the Huffington Post dubbed ‘Turtle Posture’, it’s that posture that almost every person living in the 21st century has acquired, characterized by a shoulder hunch and a curved back, thus mimicking the shape of a turtle. Though Turtle Posture is often used to describe a sedentary office worker slouching over their computer – here, Leo proves the symptoms are officially seen in standing positions as well.

So Leo, take example from our leading lady, Brie Larson. First of all, we called it! Brie, we knew you were going to win from the second you showed off that powerful upright posture every single time a camera was pointed your way. Check out why we think Brie Larson should have actually won the ‘Best Posture’ award this Oscars. You are a true posture queen.


So stars, you have a year to straighten up your back and stand tall like a true statue, to prove that you deserve that statue in the Academy Awards 2017.

Let the challenge begin.