UPRIGHT GO 2™ Posture Corrector | Results in 2 weeks | Upright Pose – Upright Tech
It's about Posture.
It's about Confidence.
It's about You.
Jane S.
Slouchy no more!
It really works! A little buzz on my back every time I get out of alignment is the perfect reminder to sit up straighter :) I notice myself being cognizant of my posture even when I'm not wearing it. Definitely recommend it!
Travis B.
Very Apple like product
Great product to retrain the dreaded desk slouch. Packaging and design reminded me of opening an apple product
Alíz S.
Fantastic structure. It always helps to keep my back correctly and warns me. I can see how my development develops every day. I love it! Thank you Upright!
elizabeth m.
It saved me from spending
It saved me from spending a lot of time in the ER
Carl P.
Love the product
Just started using it but my posture is getting better every single day!
Keli G.
Love the New Design
I’m very pleased with the new Upright Go 2. I’d used the original model, but I was happy to pass it on to my husband and take the new sleek model for myself. I like the smaller size and the fact that the Go 2 holds a charge longer.
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