Buy 1 Get 2nd 60% OFF
Buy 1 Get 2nd 60% OFF
Buy 1 Get 2nd 60% OFF

Buy 1 Get 2nd 60% OFF

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  • Easily fix your posture by strengthening your core muscles and raising awareness
  • Free your back and look taller
  • Results in just 15 minutes a day – 15 sessions
  • Personalized training program and real-time posture feedback via the mobile app
  • Winner of "Health and Wellbeing Tech of the Year 2017"
  • Recommended by physiotherapists and chiropractors

"The Conclusion - It Works!"

See why Inc. Magazine recommends the UPRIGHT GO

Look Slimmer, Taller and More Confident

When you stand upright, you will look and feel more confident, you will appear leaner and feel better

Vibrates When You Slouch

15 Minutes a Day - 15 sessions 

The UPRIGHT GO has been designed to deliver maximum results in 15 sessions, with each session being only 15 min

93% of UPRIGHT Users Improve Their Posture by 80% In Less Than 2 Weeks


What's in the UPRIGHT GO box?

Risk-Free Purchase

  • Try it for 30 days! didn't like it? return & get full refund

  • 2 year warranty

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