Who Else Likes a Bit Of Competition? | Upright

So, we’ve established that you’re not alone with your back issues and you're not alone with wanting to find a solution. We’re all sick of the pain and the ways it limits us in life. What’s more, we’re all aware of the benefits of good posture- decreasing back pain, increasing confidence, strengthening core muscles… I mean the list goes on and on!

Innovators have recognized that there is an absolute need for posture coaches and as a result, a lot of products are popping up on the market.

Yeah, there’s certainly plenty of competition out there, but let me tell you a secret -- even with new products being developed to help solve posture problems, there’s still nothing like Upright.

At the end of the day, it’s up to you how you choose to go about solving your back pain and discomfort. Still, I think it’s only fair if I present the facts of the primary posture devices on the market, so you can decide what you think is best.


So let’s talk facts:

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- A wearable posture coach, placed around the neck similar to a sports style headphones, which tracks the position of your neck to track neck movements and upper back slouching.

- Connected to the Alex App, set to track your posture and to remind you to have good posture. However, the device only detects changes in the movement in your neck.

- Why is this device problematic? Changes in the neck don’t always recognize upper back slouches and never recognize lower back slouches. Also, the placement on the neck doesn’t allow for discrete posture training.

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    Lumo Lift

    - A wearable posture coach, placed magnetically on the front of your shirt, below your collarbone with one sensor that vibrates when the device senses that you are slouching.

    - Meant to be worn throughout the day, but takes 3-60 seconds to provide feedback on bad posture.

    - The Feedback is less accurate because of the device’s placement on the collarbone, rather than the spine itself.

    - Why is this problematic? It’s a visible device, so you can’t train your posture discretely, the reaction is delayed so your training will be less accurate, and because of its placement, it cannot sense every form of slouching. There’s also no training program to track your posture progress.

      Image result for darma posture

      Photo Credit: Darma


      - A sensor equipped seat cushion, which monitors posture, sitting habits, and stress levels and gathers all the data on the Darma app.

      - Why is this device problematic? As it is a seat cushion and not a wearable, therefore, your posture tracking would be limited to when you are sitting down.

        Image result for ergo posture

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        - A wearable posture trainer, worn over clothes, which lifts and holds your body in proper spinal alignment.

        - Meant to be worn 6 hours a day to prevent you from slouching.

        - Why is this problematic? It is a very visible device, which prevents you from practicing discrete posture training. There is no training program through an app, so this device is less likely to form long-term correct posture habits.


          These products are certainly competitors to UPRIGHT, but the question remains:

          Are they strong competitors?

          I don’t mean to brag, but UPRIGHT products solve every area that I pointed out as problematic in the other posture gadgets.

          Let me tell you how:

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          UPRIGHT PRO

          - Posture wearable device, placed directly on the spine, with two sensors that vibrate when they perceive a slouched posture. Is it to be worn under your shirt so as to allow discrete posture training.

          - Can be used on both the upper and lower back and can track posture while sitting, standing, and walking.

          - Provides a training program through the IOS and Android app that progresses each day, in order to develop natural good posture habits.

          - There’s also professional usability, as more and more professional clinics are promoting the use of UPRIGHT.

            Image result for UPRIGHT GO

            Photo Credit: wearablezone

            UPRIGHT GO

            - A posture wearable device, placed directly on the spine, with one sensor that vibrates when it perceives a slouched posture.

            - Worn on the upper back, so it’s perfect for correcting the “screen sloucher” or the “text neck”

            - Can be used for sitting, standing, walking and even driving.

            - Economically affordable


              So, now that you know the facts. You understand, a little competition never hurt anyone. We're that confident...because we wear UPRIGHT.