The Real Secret to Wonder Woman’s Super Power

Photo Credit: Vox

Have you seen the new Wonder Woman movie yet?

As a woman, there was nothing more thrilling than watching the Amazon Warrior Goddess take the lead, fight her battles, and save the day.

Wonder Woman looked amazing, and so so poised as she fought evil. And the one thing I couldn’t help but notice was, surprisingly, her posture. I realize this may sound unusual and I know this isn’t what most of you were paying attention. But, wow, Wonder Woman had perfect posture.

That’s the genius of perfect posture- when you’ve got it, it’s not what people notice about you, but it is what draws their attention to you. The confidence, stature, and positivity silently emanate from the stance of holding an upright posture. These qualities, the elegance, strength, and confidence are silent but strong.

A recent study from Forbes asked hiring managers is they would hire someone with poor posture, and an overwhelming majority noted that poor posture is a job killer, right off the bat.

When you don’t have proper posture- it’s all anyone can see.

So, of course, you didn’t notice Wonder Woman’s posture, I don’t blame you. Let me tell you a secret- posture is Wonder Woman’s invisible weapon. And you know what? Posture is so powerful that it can actually make anyone look like Wonder Woman, even if you don’t have her striking metal cuffs or her awesome lasso of truth.



I’ve haven’t grown much since 2009. So, I’ve remained a petite 5”2 for eight years now. Back in 2009 though, I looked even smaller. I slouched when entering a room, not wanting to be an overwhelming presence because I was insecure about my height. The smaller I became, the smaller I began to feel. My 8th-grade teacher saw my slouching and came up to me one day. He said something that resonated again when watching Wonder Woman kick butt.

He had said, “Stand up straight. You will feel like a giant and people will notice.”

That was it. I taught myself to sit up straight and began to feel strong, present, and confident. It was a change so powerful and so meaningful on my confidence and my ability to feel capable of anything.

And then I began to notice that most people around me had bad posture. I thought maybe they just didn’t know the secret. Or maybe they knew of the power of posture but were not capable of maintaining good posture.

Technology has made its way to our everyday lives. Wearables are giving us biofeedback to remind us to move and reach those 10,000 steps, making fitness a priority in our daily lives. So why not remind us to have proper posture?

Some posture wearables have made their way onto the market. The two main ones- Lumo Lift and UPRIGHT posture wearables. Yet a walk around the city and still see the power of proper posture has remained a secret. People are becoming more active, fulfilling their daily step goal, nutrition plan, yet still slouching over their laptops in the office.

Upright Technologies, a startup founded in 2014, wants to change that. The posture wearable devices that are attached directly to the back give immediate biofeedback through a gentle vibration, reminding you to sit, stand, walk upright.

We want to unleash the Wonder Woman in everyone.

Photo Credit: IndieWire