The Posture Game

Photo Credit: TutorialsPoint

Look around you.


Notice how most people are slouching. Notice how your coworkers are hunched in the conference room, slouched over their computers, their phones, their coffee. Slouching is everywhere, so much so that proper posture has become a rare sight.

It’s easy to fall in line with others, to imitate other people’s bad habits. But if you actively pay attention to their bad posture you’ll find that you’ll automatically straighten up. You’ll see how it looks unprofessional and projects insecurity and fight against the slouch.

Say you start paying attention to how others are slouching - if you break the slouching epidemic, you won’t just look better, but you’ll feel better.

The American Posture Institute explains that “research demonstrates that although proper ergonomics is considered best practices for employee health and safety 88% of managers surveyed had not heard of ergonomic design and 94% of managers have not studied the consequences of improper ergonomics.”

You can even make it a game. Next time you’re paying attention to your posture and you start to stand or sit upright and see if others follow. See how long you can last upright. See if the amount of time you can remain upright improves each day. You can even make it a game with yourself to point out slouchers on TV.

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You can even get your friends to join in the posture game with you. Like the staring contest — you can see how long each of you lasts upright and whoever loses buys drinks at the next happy hour. Like surrounding yourself with people who eat healthily and exercise, it’s important to surround yourself with people who practice proper posture. And your friends will even thank you in the long run because who doesn’t want to feel the benefits of good posture?

I find that Thinking about posture in terms of a game makes it easier to remember. And honestly, it’s also fun. I’ve started doing it with my coworkers, but of course, I do work at UPRIGHT…

If you have trouble paying attention to your posture for long periods, you can use your UPRIGHT device as your reminder. UPRIGHT posture devices vibrate every time they sense that you are slouching to gently remind you to be upright. There’s also a customized training plan to help you build long term good posture habits.