Good Posture Training: Real Results from UPRIGHT

Is it possible to change your bad posture?

It might seem like a simple question, but living your life with good posture is anything but simple. The reality is that most businessmen and women spend 8-12 hours a day sitting slouched over at their desks, which leads to back pain, decreased productivity, poor health, and missed work.

The problem is that when you spend the majority of each day sitting poorly, it becomes an ingrained habit that feels impossible to break. Thankfully, it’s not impossible. All it takes is UPRIGHT and a little bit of training.

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To discover if good posture at work is possible and to see what difference it can make in regards to worker happiness and wellness, SAP Software Solutions and Siemens decided to team up with UPRIGHT for a Corporate Wellness Initiative. The initiative was simple; they wanted to see if they could help people develop a good posture habit just by making a few changes during their regular work day.

Both SAP and Siemens were chosen for their distinct workforces. SAP, a multinational software development corporation, employs thousands of software developers. While Siemens, a multinational electronics and electric engineering company, employs thousands of electrical engineers.

The problem with both developers and engineers is that they’re glued to their computers day in and day out ultimately resulting in bad posture habits. And few, if any, remember to sit with good posture. To see if things could change for the better, an UPRIGHT trainer was given to 13 employees at SAP and 9 at Siemens along with a custom training plans.

The training plans varied between 15-30 days, depending on the profile of each worker. However, they all started out with just five minutes a day using UPRIGHT and escalated up to training an hour a day. As for the employees, they didn’t have to disrupt their workdays at all. All they had to do was use UPRIGHT while sitting at their desk, eating lunch, or attending a meeting. Then, throughout the program, the employees had to fill out surveys about their bad or good posture and how they felt.

The results speak for themselves!

SAP Software Solutions & Good Posture Results

Though the program didn’t ask the employees to commit much of their time or energy, they got great results. 25% of all employees said that they experienced back pain relief. Even more impressive, 60% said they felt more productive while at work. And 100% said they felt encouraged to keep using UPRIGHT after the training program was completed.

In the end, every participant improved their good posture by 70%. And here’s what that looks like:

  • 50% felt that their core muscles became stronger.
  • 60% felt that it was easier to sit up straight.
  • 40% started noticing other people’s posture (good or bad).

Ariel T., one of the participants, had this to say, “Halfway through my training program I became more aware of my posture, not only while sitting but also while standing, especially with an audience next to me. Standing up straight gave me a real confidence boost and, in this way, I think UPRIGHT achieved its goal. UPRIGHT became my real office companion.”


Siemens Good Posture Results

After just a few weeks of good posture training, Siemens’ engineers discovered improved posture is definitely possible. In fact, 100% of participants stated that their posture was noticeably different by the end of the program. Beyond that, 33% of the engineers said that they felt less back pain, and 55% felt more productive and awake at work thanks to UPRIGHT.

And the full picture looks even brighter!

  • 88% of participants felt more aware of their own posture and the posture of those around them.
  • 44% of engineers felt more confident when they had good posture, post UPRIGHT training.
  • 66% said that they would definitely recommend UPRIGHT to their friends, family, and coworkers.

Engineer, Alex, said, “I definitely feel the change in my posture from using UPRIGHT. There is always room for improvement, but way to go! I am looking forward to buying the product!” And fellow participant Ram had this to say, “The most important thing I think is that I achieved my goal by using UPRIGHT. It raised my awareness of my posture. Thank you for the opportunity in this pilot!”

Conclusion: Can You Train Your Body To Have Good Posture?

So, can you change your bad posture for the better? The answer is clearly a resounding yes. In both case studies, it only took a few weeks for participants to increase their posture awareness, decrease their back pain, and boost their confidence.

If you’re ready to see how UPRIGHT can work for you or your office and would also like to have good posture, buy one today!