Dr. Hannigan’s Story: “After 2-3 weeks with the UPRIGHT – not a single bit of pain”


The beauty of your device is it trains and forces one to hold and maintain a lordotic “C” shaped concave curve. For the health of the nerves in the neck and lower back that curve is of paramount importance. The spine should be flexible and pliable but always return to that shape. When it is flexed forwards repeatedly and excessively it over-stretches the ligaments and disc fibers until they ultimately become “threadbare” and when they reach a “tipping point” – they will fail…disc bulges, nerve impingement
There’s no better proof of this than my lower back which has been a nightmare for 4 years (and, btw, I get adjusted constantly…), and after 2-3 weeks with the Upright – not a single bit of pain.

Dr. John Hannigan

Chiropractor and owner of Hannigan Chiropractic P.C.