5 ways to stay motivated & keep up with your plan!

Posture training is tough. I’ve stopped and started caring about my posture too many times to count, a Harvard Ph.D. mathematician would have a hard time keeping track. It’s easy to be aware of the importance of good posture, but still lose motivation and forget about your Upright training plan.

Sure, I’ve made progress, put out reminders, stretched, and practiced overall corporate wellness, but I’ve found that I can still lose motivation.

So I’ve come up with a list of 5 tips on how to stay motivated to keep up with your Upright posture training plan:


1) Set Realistic Goals and Give Yourself a Break

If you aren’t succeeding in completing the full 5 minutes of good posture without your Upright device vibrating, informing you of your slouching, that’s ok! The Upright training plan is meant to provide realistic goals that get more challenging each day. It’s easy to get discouraged when you feel the vibration, reminding you to sit or stand upright, but know that good posture is difficult to maintain for everyone and you are not alone. Give yourself a break! Recognize that even if five minutes of good posture is hard to maintain, with each successfully completed training day you will be able to be upright for longer.

Training is a process and habit building takes time. Still, think about how rewarding it will be when you complete your training!


 2) Surround Yourself with People Who Share the Same Goal

Seeing someone eat a slice of delicious birthday cake can be detrimental if you are trying to maintain weight loss. It’s nearly impossible to say no to that creamy frosting when you see your colleagues or best friends indulging in that yummy goodness…So to keep with weight loss goals, it’s important to surround yourself with a community of people who are trying for the same objective.

The same goes for posture training. Surround yourself with a community of people who are using Upright posture trainer devices and you will be motivated to continue training. There’s no doubt that seeing others with practicing good posture can be both contagious and motivating.

If your colleagues or friends haven’t gotten into the good posture game, encourage them to get an Upright device so you can start training together.

3) Be consistent

Forming good habits can be challenging, but if you keep consistency then good posture will soon become intuitive. Your Upright posture device will build your training plan incrementally and so each day you will train for longer. If you put your device on each day at the same time, your body will slowly get used to practicing proper posture regularly and training will quickly become easy breezy.


4) Get competitive

Competition tends to have a bad rep, but it can totally be used for positively if practiced the right way. For example, you can make good posture a competition with yourself and your colleagues. You can see who can maintain good posture the longest and make a game out of it.

You can also be in competition with yourself. Look at how long you maintained upright posture on your Upright app and try to beat your score each day. This is a really good way to stay motivated and feel daily improvement in your posture.

5) Get involved in other health and wellness activities

Being posture perfect is only one element of practicing overall health and wellness. Be sure to keep active, go for a run, join a fitness class, practice corporate wellness, and have a balanced diet. If you practice wellness in other areas of your life, it will be easier to continue with the Upright posture training. You will be working on Upright posture while becoming a fitter, happier, and better you.