5 Positive Effects Felt After Achieving Perfect Posture

upright posture

What is upright posture anyway?

Many of us grow up with our mom nudging us to sit up straight at the dinner table, but never really understanding what 'sit up straight' really means and why it’s important. I love talking about posture and its benefits, so I’m only too happy to share my expert posture advice.


First, let’s start with the correct posture position:

good posture



- Place your feet flat on the ground, parallel to one another (if you’re like me and legs are too short to reach the ground, grab a foot stool and get comfortable!)

Your back shouldn’t be totally straight, instead, you should try to maintain the natural curve of your back.

- Lift your chest slightly and hold your stomach muscles in, this allows you to keep upright while working your muscles.

- Remember, this position should feel easy and natural! If you feel an uncomfortable strain then reposition yourself so not to cause unwanted strain.

- An upright posture might feel strange in the beginning because your body might not be used to this position, but after some Upright posture training, you will start to feel the benefits.


Once you are on that posture perfect journey, look for changes in your physical appearance and psychological state.


Here are 5 main benefits to having upright posture:

1) Avoiding and Preventing Neck and Back Pain

Years of bad posture habits can lead to severe back and neck pain. Although, in the beginning having upright posture might also feel uncomfortable it will soon relieve your back from unnecessary strain. Good posture keeps your bones aligned so you use your muscles more effectively. And another bonus- maintaining proper posture will also avoid unnecessary medical costs for your back pain.

2) Helps with Breathing Correctly

When you’re in your screen slouching state, your rib cage is collapsed and therefore allows less air to travel through your lungs. Good posture allows you to open your airways, which allows for more oxygen to flow through your cardiovascular system. With more oxygen pumping through your blood, your body functions better and you feel more awake.

3) Makes You Look Good:

I know this might sound silly, but besides the obvious medical benefits, there are also emotional benefits. Having good posture can make you look better. Have you ever seen someone walk into your office standing tall and think “wow that guy or girl looks so cool!” You might not ascribe his coolness to his posture, but think about it - standing up straight makes you look taller, skinnier, and self-assured. Now, if that’s not a recipe for looking cool, I don’t know what is.

4) Makes You Feel Confident

Once other people start noticing your upright posture, your self-confidence will also improve.  When you standing upright, your body is facing the world rather than facing the floor, the positioning of your body this way will affect your confidence. You’ll feel stronger and more present.

5) Increases Productivity and Concentration

When you have proper posture, you are breathing better and using your muscles more efficiently, so as a result, you will have a greater ability to concentrate and be productive for long periods of time. Instead of stopping what you're doing at work every 15 minutes because you are in pain, you will be able to work throughout the day. What is more, you’ll be able to enjoy your work day and feel accomplished with all that you have completed!


I hope you enjoy these great benefits from being posture perfect and now see the importance of continuing your training! Good things are coming your way, especially when you stay UPRIGHT.