4 Wellness Gadgets You Need in Your Office

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In the 1990s, we saw the introduction of the Internet, which changed life as we know it. Then in the early 2000s, we saw the debut of our can’t-live-without gadgets- smartphones and smart TVs. As the tech wave grew, everything is more accessible and daily tasks have been made more efficient. Ironically, technology has also led to major health problems, such as back pain, obesity, and heart problems.

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Today, in 2017, we are seeing a surge in health and wellness wearables trying to correct the health problems produced by our sedentary life filled with technology. Technology trying to correct technology.

Let’s be real, 2017 is seeing an intense obsession with all things health and wellness. We desire to eat healthily, exercise more, count our steps, meditate, and practice overall care for our bodies is. Health and wellness, in my opinion, is the best trend yet (even better than summer 2016’s addiction to Pokemon Go!).

But besides keeping up with your favorite celebrities’ diet plans and fitness classes, you should also follow the newest corporate wellness technology.

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Health and wellness have not only become a vital part of our individual lives but have also seeped into our corporate lives. Major companies, like IBM and Google, have begun to understand that implementing health and wellness programs into corporate life lead to satisfied employees and therefore, greater productivity.

Today, many corporations are committed implementing wellness programs to improve their employee's’ health and reduce work-related stress, and thereby lowering health care costs. As a result, health and wellness technologies have found their way into the workplace.

What is more, health insurance companies see the benefit in corporate wellness and are lowering their premiums for those that take part in wellness programs. According to The Verge, companies, such as Aetna, are even paying their employees to an Apple Watch, in order to encourage a healthy lifestyle for their employees and customers.

In this way, technology is once again revolutionizing the workplace.

So, what are the major corporate wellness gadgets to watch out for (and bring up to your boss)?

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1)The fitness tracker:

Fitness trackers monitor your daily activity. Studies show that using fitness trackers motivates you to be active. Being active, just getting up from your desk and walking around the office is great for keeping your mind awake and increase your productivity. Whether you have a Fitbit or a Garmin, your daily reminders to get up and move are great! Keeping your body active, is vital for keeping your mind active. Using your fitness tracker at the office has actually proven to cut down on sick days and lesson illness that impacts productivity.

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2)The Standing Desk:

Sitting all day is proven to be dangerous for your health (you increase the risk of Diabetes and Heart Disease). There are many proven benefits to the standing desk. Here are just a few: standing while working burns calories, lowers blood sugar levels, and reduces back pain.  

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3)Walking Treadmill desk:

Does your office have a walking desk? If not, they should get on this awesome trend. Walking while working is proven to improve your mood, relieve stress, increase creativity, and promote a healthy body weight. Being sedentary is boring, trying doing your 9-5 while walking.

4)Posture wearables:

Finally, we have posture wearables. The UPRIGHT GO and UPRIGHT PRO remind you to have correct posture by gently vibrating on you back whenever they sense that you are not sitting, standing or walking upright. Having proper posture while sitting in the workplace is essential for being productive, feeling awake, and avoiding unnecessary lower back discomfort.


You may think that the health and wellness trend is just a fad, but being healthy is cool and this fad is going to stick. There are only benefits to incorporating health and wellness gadgets into our lives, so why not give it a try?